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NCLEX Coaching in Chandigarh by Sanjivani Institute of Medical Sciences

Sanjivani Institute of medical science is the oldest nursing institute in Chandigarh . We are proving coaching to nursing students for the last  14 years  this  more than double most of our competitors in Chandigarh , we know how to make sure the transition for you and your family is easy, comfortable and supportive.We at Sanjivani Institute of Medical Sciences offers a high quality educational facilities and talented teachers, that allow students to utilize them. Our facility makes sure that each students get individual attention. We pay extra attention to weak students.

Sanjivani Nclex, the Nursing Coaching Academy/Institute/Center located in Chandigarh offers exceptional Nursing Coaching Classes for Nursing Entrance to the competitors for different courses for example B.Sc Nursing, Post Basic or Post B.Sc Nursing and M.Sc Nursing.

Method of Training
It comprises preparation class, intensive class and Exam batch (Crash course).

  • We can process your application regardless wherever you currently reside.
  • We have one line application processing while you can start your licensing process via internal.

NCLEX Endorsement

We prepare and process international applications for NCLEX Endorsement for graduates of foreign countries.

Re-Apply ATT

If you failed your first NCLEX Exam, we will assist you with your ATT reinstatement so you can retake the NCLEX exam.
Note:”This only APPLIES to customers who have applied for CGFNS recently, not more than a year ago. If your CGFNS has expired for more than a year now, please DO NOT APPLY here. Use APPLY NCLEX service instead.”

NCLEX License Renewal

If your licence is expired and have to renew,we are here to help you.

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