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Gain your RN license with the NCLEX-RN exam, unlocking diverse job opportunities and advancing your nursing career.

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We handle your application processing, credential evaluation, verification, and exam registration, ensuring a seamless journey to NCLEX-RN success.

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Receive personalized coaching from experienced trainers using top-quality study materials and mock tests to maximize your exam readiness.

About Us

Sanjivani Institute of Nclex is the oldest and most reputable nursing institute in Chandigarh. We have been providing exceptional coaching to nursing students for over a decade, offering high-quality educational facilities and talented teachers who prioritize individual attention.

Our institute ensures a comfortable and supportive transition for students and their families, with a focus on academic excellence and professional growth.

Why Choose Us for NCLEX RN?

Sanjivani Institute of Nclex is Chandigarh’s premier institution for NCLEX RN coaching, boasting over 14 years of dedicated experience. We offer a proven track record with an outstanding 90% success rate. Our coaching is led by experienced professionals, utilizing top-notch study materials and interactive sessions to ensure your success on the first attempt.

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About the Coaching Program

Our coaching program is meticulously designed to prepare you for the NCLEX-RN exam. We follow the latest syllabus and utilize top study materials. Choose between online or classroom sessions for your convenience, with hostel facilities available.

NCLEX Endorsement Services

We specialize in preparing and processing international applications for NCLEX Endorsement, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for graduates from foreign countries.

NCLEX License Renewal Assistance

If your nursing license has expired and requires renewal, we handle the entire process seamlessly to ensure you meet all requirements.

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Jaeden Higgins

The focused coaching sessions at Sanjivani Institute of Nclex helped me pass the
NCLEX-RN on my first attempt!

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